Is it just me, or are the AI piloting skill..

lacking? Because I’m noticing that whenever and wherever there is a place to flip/get stuck teh AI seems to find it. For example, when I was doing a Spartan Ops mission, I had a Ghost on my tail who somehow managed to hit the one rock between me and him and flip. And I’m constantly wondering where the Banshee that was shooting me has gone off to, only to fin that the Elite Pilots managed to wedge the Banshee into a crevice or nook ( or in one amusing case, simply against a wall…). In short, what the hell 343? where you guys asleep when coding the AI?

Rule Number One: Never, ever, let the AI drive. That goes for the enemies too really. Haha

The AI have always been like this in Halo, basically you only ride shotgun if your trying to film a hilarious way to die. Ghosts are usually decent navigators, but if you’re in a vehicle too a lot of intelligence goes out the window.

As for the Banshee’s, well, they’re just being Banshee’s. Most people find their little crash-nests a godsend anyway.

This is Halo! The A.I. will always be terrible drivers.