Is it just me, or are flying vehicles useless in the campaign?

Maybe there’s a trick I haven’t discovered yet, but I can’t fly for 30 seconds before getting EMP’d by Shock Rifles or Disrupters. With such a big open world, I figured flying would be the best way to explore it with some peace and quiet. Being able to relax and cruise around is important to open-world games.

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Just fly higher…
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Yeah they’re very useful to get places, but maybe not so much for combat.

I’ve tried the Wasp but can’t figure out how to make shoot the grenades. The machine gun it has seems weak.

You swap weapons like you would normally.

Banshee bomb works the same.

Both flying vehicles feel really low power through. You’re better off hopping out and using a rocket launcher or even just the AR.

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The banshee is absolutely useless.

The wasp is good, but you need to be quick on killing all the shock rifle enemies. The Banshee is just too weak damage wise.