Is it just me is the Gravity Hammer now bugged?

So, for the last few days (now after the last update) I’ve been noticing that 1) the Gravity Hammer’s AOE isn’t what it was just last week and 2) The Gravity Hammer swing sometimes doesn’t go off, even when there’s still “ammo” in it! I’ll take one or two swings with it and suddenly on the third (because the AOE isn’t as powerful as before and I have to take extra swings when there’s multiple targets) it will act as if there’s no ammo in the hammer when there clearly is. Just want to put this out there in case nobody’s said anything. If they have, my bad.

I play with a guy who’s very critical of his team and will straight tell you when you just suck it’s not the game
Even he was confused when he spectated me drop a hammer right on a dudes head when he was already one shot and he didn’t die and neither did the guy right infront of him.
Should’ve been a grand slam and really was just me giving the enemy a hammer.

The melee weapons and the melee itself are botched AF. I’ve killed a sword lunging at me with the handle of the hammer and vice versa I’ve died after two smacks to 1 enemy and did zero damage to him, even though the sound and smash effects happened. Then the guy just melee’d me one time and I died. Has happened more than once.

The gravity hammer in this game has been inconsistent garbage from the start. Worthless to even pick up. The slow wind up speed mixed with the completely random AOE damage makes it BY FAR the worst weapon in the game

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