Is it healthy to force the tiny tiny community that is left to play game types they hate?

Just as an observation 343, but when you have less than 3,900 players a day playing your game on Steam, and who knows how many couple of thousands of you have Xbox Live, do you think it is wise to force us to play game types like…LAST MAN STANDING…that the community overall hates with an absolute passion?

I’m just saying I one of the few people in America that still does want to play your game, but honestly, I cannot stand LMS and I’m all but ready to hang it up this week and play something else because I just refuse to play a game type I hate with an absolute seething passion.


Last I checked, I’m still able to play any of the game modes I wanted. Who’s forcing me to do what now?


The new armor set is tied directly to Last Man STanding only.


Yeah, got all 5 challenges done to unlock all ten items in like, 5 minutes and went back on my way to play BTB. You’re point?

Not to mention that you don’t even need those cosmetics to play the game last I checked… :thinking:

I mean, if you want to earn them else where, I’m sure they could just toss them into the store for you to purchase instead.

Also, there’s more then just 4000 players playing. You’re just counting the Steam players, not console or game pass players.


So… like…
Why are you being a -Yoink!- about it?

The complaint is legitimate,
Free content is locked behind frustration, not fun.

Humans naturally want to spend the time earning the thing,
And aside from Fiesta, literally every event has been tied to a poorly balanced game mode that stops being fun after the first few matches.

Yet the Devs designed the challenges to take you Dozens of game of Sweaty unfun grinding.
The Reality is that their making players “work” for the “Free thing”.

And I mean, yeah cosmetics aren’t required to play,
But they are literally the only content in the game you can earn,
Otherwise, there isn’t much point to playing. You play a handful of games and you’ll experience the entirety of Infinites multiplayer.

File Share, Forge, Player Made modes, Low Stress Goofy play lists.
none of these things exist in Infinite currently.

Which, frankly;
Is likely the reason why the game has lost so many players.

You can look it up,
Xbox Top games,

Infinite is doing WORSE than Red Dead Redemption 2 and a Baseball game.
And, bare in mind, Red Dead 2 has officially been abandoned, RockStar are not supporting it anymore.
And it has MORE players on Xbox than infinite currently has.

343i choice to make the game more frustrating than it is fun has been a travesty,
It was not a wise decision to alienate what few players were sticking around.


Sorry, why do people always consider you an -Yoink!- when you challenge their point of views? This is a discussion board after all, challenging views is part of the purpose of these boards.

What’s considered “fun” is subjective I’ll start with. What you don’t like fun others might have a blast with, it’s different between everyone. They could also put challenges locked between some of the things you prefer doing too, and others are going to say “why am I stuck doing this game mode? I hate it!”. It’s unfortunately a win/lose situation as you’ll never truly please everyone. Not everyone can have their way. 343i has already made it rather clear that part of the design of challenges is to entice people to try new things

But unlike other events though, the challenges here are some of the easiest to do, and very easy to make progress towards completing them in just about every time you play on top of things. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about other game modes getting in the way of competing your challenges done. Unlike normal challenges. I mean it’s literally just “Get X Amount of kills”, “Play x amount of games”, “Accumulate X Amount of points during matches”, “Get X Amount of head shots”, “Get X Amount of melee kills” and the only one that is a problem, “Get X Amount of back hand blows”. Maybe if had a challenge where the you had to actually win a LSS match and more that are as difficult as that I could see some weight behind it, but it doesn’t.

These complaints feel rather petty when there’s much bigger issues with the game as is. Like people choose to attack and complain about it, just because they can. You’re allowed to complain sure, but if you make a topic, people are also allowed to criticize your complaints as well. Again, this is a part of what discussion boards are all about.

Bare in mind, I don’t even generally prefer FFA games and still manage to enjoy them enough to just knock out 5 of the challenges which netted me all 10 items.

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Is it ideal? no. Does it even matter yet? no. When the fallout is nuclear enough that executives finally have to answer for awful management and they wont have a game left to tank, it will hit their radar finally. For now whatever improvements do happen happen against the grain and could be “Fixed” at any point.

For the record, yes forcing players into playlists they dont want to play was just as terrible an idea at launch when population could have supported playlist choice as it is now. Now at least their nonsense excuse has self fulfilled into being valid.

Smooth brain solution; force them to play LSS, more players leave, less complaints on forums. Win.


I am that disillusioned that……and I can’t believe I’m saying this….I’ve started to play Warzone

Their population is still so high
It’s a free download
They have a pay to win model
They have cheaters and things that suck.

So why isn’t Halo Infinite working…….


…but again if you want the weekly charm you have to play LSS for 15-20 more games.

No it is not healthy and it never was. The challenge system was always a terrible idea.


is only forced if you feel is forced, and in reality it’s not worth the effort, or interest at all. You could always just not, you know? and save yourself the stress.

I would think that the brass at 343-Ross would look at their community feedback, see what people like and dislike, and not make the weekly event set around the most disliked of all the modes.

Does that not make sense?

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Last I checked troll post are known to be stupid.

You mean like the SP that is not even worth buying because it’s only designed to show numbers, that that isn’t working either gathering how the player base continues to drop off?

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You are preaching to the choir my friend.

It’s part of the reason things will never really improve in infinite which sucks for me because forge world is the only thing I have any reason to play infinite. Although, it looks like things are not going well even though some say they are with the forge.

What about the people who like the LSS game mode. Are they not allowed to get an event centered around it at all?

Most of these events were probably planned out months to years ago though. To were they had everything set to go when the time came. Changes now would also probably mean huge delays for it any everything to come after it as well.

Fox, I’m sure you and the other 13 people that like it have a great time. But the rest of us that make up the other 3,859 people that still play this game really do not like it.


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That’s nice :+1:

I’m sure the 100K players that enjoy it on gamepass and consoles will be happy they got their event lol.