Is it ethical to buy from the in-game store? Monetization too aggressive?

I am so into this game! Lots of fun. I can picture this being my go to game. So far we are seeing big issues in progression and the ability to customize our characters, 343 has said they will try to remedy the progression system . After seeing the in-game store I can say it’s way too expensive. I know the game is free but the monetization shouldn’t go in the direction of 20 dollar skins. And you can’t even gain credits through the battlepass like Fortnite or Apex, which is nice to buy skins by just playing through the BP or to fund the next BP. 10 dollars for a good skin sounds more reasonable, only 20 if it’s a Picasso. However this raises a concern for me, what if I see a skin I really want, should I resist in order to discourage aggressive monetization?


If you have to ask whether or not something is ethical, that means it ain’t. Buying literally anything from the shop at all (and even the battle pass in its current state) is encouraging aggressive monetisation.


Yes you should.

I understand it can be tempting to wear those -Yoink!- cosmetics. Live Service games are designed from the ground up to extract money from you. Being a quality game is an secondary or even tertiary concern. While you could be forgiven for having a moment of weakness, the more this game is financially supported (either by microtransactions or purchasing a $70 campaign) the more consumers and Halo as a video game series gets exploited.

If that bothers you (it bothers me), then resisting that urge is imperative.


What if they release the skin with a feather on it, like in the trailers. My wallet may just fall out.

At least i am not interested in getting the blattle pass, considering how they locked on purpose most of the content, turned colours into skins to monetize them and how the XP system works. i will only play the campaign and for the multiplayer, i will just use MCC (which has NO microtransactions and comes with 6 full games).


Yeah the battle pass would be more appropriate, if there was already plenty of cosmetic content available for free, through a consistent progression system.


I’d advise against it, the situation we find ourselves in now is a result of players spending money in ingame stores.
Buying validates their system, and they’ll test new more aggressive things later. That’s how it has worked since Oblivion Horse Armor.

As long as enough players stop buying into it, it’ll eventually stop.

So, I don’t recommend it as it will get worse in the future, but you do you.


The right price is the one you’re willing to pay.

As a player, I can tell you I will be holding for a long… long time. I will hold until a specific armor kit catches my eye, and only then will I drop Microsoft Points for it.

I am perfectly able and willing to play this game sans-customization or -battle pass engagement. I have zero incentive to ‘collect them all’, and zero intention to spend any actual hard-earned cash on virtual cosmetics.

But again, it’s up to you. A good business transaction requires both parties to walk away satisfied.


It’s good to hear this from fellow fans, it’s shows me who I am fighting for


It really just comes down to personal opinion. Personally, I’m planning on just playing the base game without buying the cosmetics or premium battle passes. That stuff just isn’t worth the money in my opinion. I have plenty of fun in this game without it.

That said, I won’t blame somebody that buys a $20 skin if they really like it and it enhances the way they feel about their spartan and the game as a whole, more power to them. It is certainly pricey, but there are definitely people out there that will pay it if they like the armor that much. As long as it stays purely cosmetic, and doesn’t affect my experience in the slightest, I couldn’t care less.


Despite being a fan of Halo for 18 years, I would say it’s unethical to purchase these cosmetics and any micro-transactions because it ruins your integrity, your honor, and the gaming industry. -Yoink!- like the Battle Pass is the reason why big gaming companies are copying each other’s homework! What happened to the old days when you used to play a game and unlocked everything without paying too much?


Good point on not effecting gameplay, that was a problem with COD modern warfare where they added a cosmetic item that offered a significant camouflage advantage.

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I think the most silly thing is buying battle pass tiers. The pass literally never ends. I know it will take forever but you will get everything eventually.

I’d say let the hardcore fans purchase anything they want from the shop, just don’t let the mass buy the Battle Pass or anything they deemed unethical.

I admit, I purchased the classical Armor loot box thing from Halo 5:Guardians when I had some money left and I got the MK IV Spartan Armor from Halo Wars 1.

You do you.

I don’t agree, but it’s your money and your choice. Personally I would go with using MS points to make any purchase, but Im also sitting on a ton.

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Still no, when I see people buying stuff, I shake my head and and hope for the majority to not support business practices that hurt consumers.

I dont mind buying the HCS skins. Theyre 9 dollars and come complete with weapon and spartan skin, as well as a logo, if you want to use it. Im thinking eventually, Microsoft might be able to work out “skin” deals with much larger companies. How cool would NFL or College football skins be? Monster Energy, Rockstar, etc etc.

I agree though on the other end. Putting basic colors and small cosmetic upgrade behind monetization is crazy.