Is it better to use the AR rather than the sidekick?

Idk if is just me but if I don’t hit all headshots with the sidekick using one clip most of the time I die if facing an AR.

The sidekick is designed to be a secondary weapon in this game.

Additionally, headshots don’t do any bonus damage outside of unshielded hits, so it’s usually better to drop shields with AR then switch to the sidekick.


Good to know I’ve been trying just to land headshots with the sidekick and the BR when they still have shield lol no wonder

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Even in halo 3 It was my understanding that headshots will break the shield faster. I guess I’ll just aim for the body before their shield breaks.

they kinda have similar roles and can be confusing when to use each.

I would like AR/ bulldog starts for social settings,
SK/BR for ranked and BR only starts for ranked Arena.

No prob. FWIW That’s not true in any halo. Shield hits are shield hits until they pop.

EDIT: that’s a lie, Title update Reach has bullet bleedthrough on headshots.

It’s a very interesting question, because you have some RNG bullet spread with the AR.

Since the AR does headshot damage on unshielded enemies (at least it seems it does) then that means it’s faster to kill with your AR than pulling out your pistol, but that’s only IF all your bullets land.

So as of now, it seems that trying to finish them off with your AR is a mix of relying on RNG or having really good spray control- and pulling out your pistol is a good way to confirm a kill if you can manage to land the shot.

Don’t you think (not that is going to happen) that it will be cool if headshots did more damage than body shots (when having a shield) so it will reward players for their accuracy?

It already does. The time difference between a perfect headshot kill and a body shot kill is a lot in the current game. A few bullets mean a world of difference in Halo.

But that only vs people without shields right?
“ headshots don’t do any bonus damage outside of unshielded hits”

That is correct.

I understand where you are coming from, but that gameplay loop is an established aspect o Halo’s identity and skill set.

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I see!!so with the BR, 3 headshots to the body and the last one to the head is the same as 4 headshots?? If that is the case they are not really rewarding headshot accuracy that much.

4 shot kill for the BR. 3 bursts anywhere, make sure the 4th shot is lined up with the head. If you miss it will be a 5 or 6 shot.

Cool, Thanks!! well I’ll be aiming for the body from now on and when the shield breaks aim for the head.

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in my experience so far, its almost always better to burst the AR. if you are on pc and use M+K, clicking off 3-4 round bursts works best for me anyway. not sure if the same is possible on controller. the pistol however works wonders at a range just a bit out from the ARs max. I tend to drop the shields of someone with the AR, then switch to the pistol to pop their noggin.


And it depends, if you can hit the final shot to the head right aftee the sheilds go then it would be better but the AR works very well. The sidekick is not supposed to be the main weapon though, it was meant to be a sidearm.

IMO, the sidekick, if you can land all the shots, or most makes it so much more useful than the ar, and if you have good aim, even better than the br

It depends almost entirely on your control input. The AR is the only weapon in the game that has a comparable aim assist to previous entries in the series, and is extremely comfortable to use on controller it also has a much longer red reticle range so it will maintain its consistency further away. On controller I recommend using the Sidekick only when you’re desperate and need to put some bullets in.

Meanwhile the Sidekick is extremely deadly on M&K. Since M&K doesn’t rely on aim assist it will directly reward practice with a faster killtime than most other weapons, and you can put extremely accurate and consistent damage in from very long ranges. The Sidekick wholly outclassed the AR on M&K, and you should only be using an AR when you’re completely out of Sidekick ammo. The Sidekick reloads so fast swapping weapons would probably only hinder you further even when you’re desperate.

If they ever tune AA on controller so that the AR and BR aren’t the only weapons that feel tolerable anymore, then maybe the Sidekick will become more useful on controller like it is on M&K, but until then just use the AR and BR whenever possible.

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Please no. A shotgun as a secondary just sounds awful. Same goes for the Sidekick in ranked. It’s already used more in quickplay by all the sweats, we don’t need it spammed in ranked too.

exactly thats why swappping sk with bulldog will allow both bulldog and AR to shine in social.

when you have a br with sk it wont be spammed in ranked. people will still use br over sk unless at close range