Is Infinite the worst game since ET?

Given the resources, fan base, game price, scale, and ability to update fixes - could Infinite be the worst game since ET? The campaign story was good or at least interesting for sure - but we all know the gameplay issues. Multiplayer is still bare bones and every week there seems to be more hacking and/or connection issues.


I think they’re doing a pretty good job, tbh. Love the game.


With the new update, there are even more bugs/issues. Games are now routinely steaktaculars because of one or two players cheating with being able to shoot through walls, around corners, phasing through sword lunges, perfect tracking with sentinel beams, and one shot snipes every time.

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Dude, play other games. There are far worse examples of terrible games out there.


Please tell us the point then, @ronnie42

Keep in mind I was just responding to their ET comment whether it was meant to be literal or not.

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Name one with this kind of support, fandom, budget, development time, etc. on Xbox?


Kudos on the Halsey name :slight_smile:

my biggest complaint is the FPS difference from 120-300 FPS makes for a very unbalanced game tbh ranked isnt that competitive because of it I think it creates them there needs to be a cap

no. has its issues, but absolutely not that bad

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Ball has been massively dropped…


Even asking the question at all is foolish. Of course it isn’t lmao.


This comparison isn’t fair, ones an Atari game, these are 2 vastly different games and many indie devs have done better, and much worse since.

The thing that makes this a terrible experience are the connections and desync and all that comes with it. Its pretty much the only online game that i cannot go a match without teleporting or having some of my hits do 0 damage dispite connecting

Absolutely not. I dont see Infinite destroying the whole gaming industry for 3 years. If you really think that this game is the worst game since ET, you really haven’t played many other games.

BF 2042 takes that title

Infinite is missing content, has some disappointing changes made & is lacking many social features

HOWEVER, these problems can be remedied with time

Infinite Minigolf on the Xbox Store is literally impossible to play for more than 5 minutes because of how unstable it is, it’ll crash every time

I don’t think Halo Infinite is a contender for the worst game ever, but it sure is disappointing, just like I was when I wanted to play some minigolf and it kept crashing on me. ಥ_ಥ


Season 2 rewards meh. I played the new maps finally and their garbage. Apparently the game has unfixable de sync issues. Still can’t turn off cross play. The game is still a stinking pile of trash like the MCC was it’ll take 5 years for it to get good by then i won’t even bother with it.

Well it could spell the end for Xbox. HALO is the primary reason to buy an Xbox and its a title that typically accompanies new launches. With this game so hacked and broken, there is minimal benefit to buying a Series X/S. The introduction of Season 2 had led to even more issues than the Beta. Multiplayer is now impossible to play.

What’s ET? I only know Enemy Territory and that is in a lot of top 10 lists of all time mp fps.

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ET is how the internet refers to the old Atari 2600 adaption of the movie ET. Its infamous for essentially destroying gaming until Nintendo came along 2-3 years after with the NES.