Is Infection Confirmed for Halo 5?

Is there going to be an Infection gametype available for custom games in Halo 5, unlike Halo 4? One of the things that made custom games so much fun in Halo 3 and Reach is the presence of Infection. With a new Forge system, it’s basically begging players to make some interesting maps for Infection. If something as important as Infection is missing this time around after the community complaints with it’s absence in Halo 4, I will probably not be buying Halo 5.

Any information on Infection this time around?

Pretty sure infections confirmed

I believe it is not a day one playlist, but it will probably come up soon as a social weekend playlist. Josh has stated that based on the popularity it will be determined if it should be on its own.

They said Infection would appear in the Weekend Social playlist last I heard.

Halo 4 had flood which worked just like infection (the modded version )