Is Hyabusa comming back? I think maybe. Bobusa armour?

Ok guys I have identified what the BOB helmet, and new chest piece are. The monical over the right eye, and the face mask are an attachment to the new helmet. If you remove the attachment I believe the helmets indentity will be very clear. I have taken a sreenshot in Halo3 for you all to consider. I think you will be very happy at what I found. I do not know how to unlock the helmet, and new chest piece. What I do know is that Bungie, and 343 are businesses , and we are thier consumers . I believe these new pieces of armour will be unlocked after the release of a new map pack. Hey they got to pay the bills right. Anyway lets get to it. I think the BOB armours are a early Hyabusa type with enough differences to be new. Yet the design harkens back to H3. I have photobucketed these screenshots together for comparison. BOB and Hyabusa Yes the Hyabusa crown is missing. However several points are present. Look at the small visors. The cheek vents are similar. Furthermore both chest pieces have a high collar, and a structure that continues down center to the waiste. I believe this is the Y structure on the Hyabusa chest piece we have come to love. Please feel free to comment.

Interesting but I don’t see it… at all

I respect your opinion. I simply ask that you to try to reproduce the screenshot yourself in an H3 map. The real seller for me was the chest piece. Give it a try.

I see very little physical similarity between the bob helmet and hayabusa. To me, the helmet bears more resemblance to the EOD helmet, with its blocky shape, or GUNGIR, because of the eyepiece. BoB and hayabusa may be similar in terms of obtainability (performing a multitude of difficult and obscure achievements in campaign, though this hasn’t been confirmed at all) but other than that i don’t think they’re related.

kind of strange that hayabusa didn’t make its way into reach, though, considering its popularity. but then again, the duck helm didn’t make it either.

bungie works in mysterious ways

All I see similar is the collar.

Who knows, maybe it is maybe it isnt. In the end I have 2 million plus credits to spend.

It’s a good thing there are no taxes on credits. LOLz

Greenskull if you try to reproduce the screenshot you will see the same protruding piece at the bottom center of both chest pieces, and the high collar. This is what sold me. I dont think the helmet is supposed to look just like busa. But with the attachment off I think we will see something familiar.