Is Halo Infinite Worth It Yet On PC?

So after being disappointed by Halo Infinite 6 months ago I sold my series X. I’m now getting ready to build my first PC and was wondering how much it has improved and is it worth it on the PC yet, because I’ve read so many mixed reviews I’m looking for current players opinion. Also how much your PC cost if it runs halo Infinite smoothly.

It was pretty fun early on, dunno about it now. I assume it hasn’t changed much.

Either way building a PC around Infinite’s recommended specs should provide a worthwhile performance experience not just in Infinite but in most other games as well, at least from the hardware side of things.

My specs (older parts) (120fps)

  • $80 - 5960x (8 core, 16 thread, 3.5ghz turbo, 4.2ghz OC)
  • $99-$250 - X99 board of any kind [Asus X99 Deluxe-II]
  • $60-$180 - 32gb DDR4 [G.Skill 4x8 3200mhz]
  • $140-$160 - GTX 980ti
  1. Any CPU that is hyperthreaded, hits at least 3.9ghz, and has anything at or exceeds 4 cores/8 threads OR 6 core/6 thread will be ideal.

  2. Motherboard needs to be compatible with your CPU, and model (go name brand, stay away from anything that looks generic) doesn’t really matter unless you’re trying to overclock.

  3. I have a lot of memory (32gb), but you could probably make due with 16gb like Hozer recommended.

  4. Go as high of a GPU model as you can afford, it’ll be worthwhile later on.

  5. Go with a PSU higher than 550w, 650w-750w should be sufficient for later upgrades, 850w is more than generous, 1000+w is excessive for most casual gamers. Always go with 80plus bronze at the very least, not simply 80plus “white”.

  6. High capacity SSD’s (SSD’s in general really) have gotten very affordable and you should absolutely get one, but don’t shy away from super high capacity HDD’s for games, video, etc. They’re comparatively cheap and competent.

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Here is the requirements for Halo Infinite:
|Operating system|64-bit Windows 10|
|Graphics card (AMD)|AMD Radeon RX 570|
|Graphics card (Nvidia)|Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti|
|Hard-drive space|50GB|

Now about price? Depends on how well if you want a decent Computer. You will get alot of diferent setups from different people. I would say for something decent I would say Around $1000 for decent gaming computer. The biggest cast is going to be your Grafix Card. They are not cheap you can get a Nvidia 2060 sc super ultra for around $300.00. If you want something better it will cost you more.

  1. I like G-skill Memory min. would be 16 gigs ( I run 32 gigs )
  2. I like the AMD Ryzen 3700X runs at 4.1 ghz stock.
  3. I like asus for motherboards.
  4. Power Supply I would get a 800watt
  5. Get a EVGA OR NVIDIA VIdeo card. can run from around $300 to over $1000
  6. Get a min. of a 1 TB storage device. SSD’s are faster the regular hard drives.

Go on Youtube before you buy anything. Look up the hardware you want to buy to find out if it is crap or not.

“Remember, The faster your computer is the better your gaming experience will be!”

Hope that helps!

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They’ve improved the optimization a bit. I can achieve 100 fps on low settings in Arena on my PC (Ryzen 2600, GTX 1660S, 16GB DDR4 @3200MHz). In BTB I have to lower my resolution to maintain the same framerate. And as for KBM, it’s still unviable unfortunately, so you’ll have to play with a controller if you want to stand a chance in 1v1s.

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My PC runs Halo perfectly fine. I average 220-270fps on every game including BTB.

To answer your question though no Halo isn’t worth it. Desync continues to get worse with every update and not having red reticle is a massive disadvantage mostly in regards to melees.

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Appreciate the input from everyone going to start soon I know it’s the worst possible time to build a PC but I do miss shooting grunts and told myself the only way I’d play Halo again is if I build my setup from scratch.

Gotcha at least I know OG halo seems to be fine and that’s what I want more anyways

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I think it runs great on pc.
My pc specs are:
Gigabyte Z97x-OC Force
Devils Canyon I7-4790k
Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB Windforce OC
32GB DDR3 2400MHz ram
Installed on a SSD
My stuffs old n dated compared to newer stuff that prob runs a lot better.

I play it 1080p with most settings all the way up (i dont remember exacts as i havent played in quite a long time).
I didnt have any performance issues that I notice unless I boost up to 4k, which then was minor, but i dont like to make my pc run hard so usually just go with 1080.
I never turned my fps thing on so i cant say what the max i could get was, but either way I put the min n max fps in game to 60 to help it stay steady if something makes a mistake.
I know, crazy of me.
Reguardless of that, I think it performs super smooth, i havent tried it on anything else so cant compare to the other platforms.
At the moment, i do not think its worth it to try the game again, it feels nothing has changed, and youll most likely be disappointed once again.

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