Is Halo Infinite Still on Cloud Gaming?

Is anyone else having trouble launching Halo Infinite on Cloud Gaming on Xbox?

The game shows up in Game Pass and even has the Cloud symbol on the game icon, but when I click the game it’s only giving me the options of “install” and “manage game”, etc. It does not give me the option to launch via cloud. Is anyone else having this problem? I was playing it just fine last night.

I played it this past Saturday. However, I wasn’t able to boot it up on my lunch break yesterday (presumably due to a poor wifi connection).

But did it even give you the option to do so? It’s not even giving me that and it’s the only game in the entire cloud catalog not doing so.

Just checked real quick on my phone. It is indeed working.

Interesting. I’ve reset my console a few times and still not working. Thanks for your replies. I’ll keep trying I suppose.

Also, how are you playing it on your phone? Is there an app?

On Apple devices you have to go through the website
On Android, there is a Game Pass app from the store which’ll allow you to use cloud gaming.

I’m pretty sure cloud gaming isn’t available for consoles at this time. It’s only for mobile devices.

I do have the app, but it kinda sucks. (More than likely is my phone that actually sucks.) The browser has been good to me.