Is Halo Infinite Still a Beta?

I heard a lot of people last night say it’s still in beta mode since a lot of content has not been delivered, which makes sense. When does the full game release out of curiosity? What are you looking forward to most when the full game releases? I can’t wait for playlists such as snipers, team doubles etc as well as 5 more maps. :slight_smile:

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Officially no, this is the delivered product, not a beta


It’s a live service game. So they will keep adding content over time. It released pretty bare bones and not much has been added to it at this point. Hopefully at some point it will be a pretty enjoyable experience but at this point, it gets boring fast.


If 343 had simply labelled it as beta and said look, the basics are there, we have had some problems, you can play it now as an extended beta phase, over the next year give us feedback to help us launch the game properly end of 2022, I would of felt better about it, and they would not of received so much negativity.

Problem is, they launched it and took it out of beta so people are more upset with good reason.

Sure it’s a live service game and stuff get’s added, even a progression system similar to mcc would of been great along side battle pass as I don’t play much now as earning xp towards nothing, and challenges for a cosmetic I’m not remotely interested in.

Hopefully it get’s to a state soon that I end up playing 5 nights a week again


Yes. It is still a Beta. The release might be in 2024 if we are lucky. However, I don’t have high hopes as the population is extremely low on all systems. Ranking like 15th place in online games for xbox live even.


It’s a ‘full’ release live service game, missing 90% of what it’s predecessors had.

People refer to it as a beta because of the missing content and ongoing issues.


It sure feels like it.


It’s not even a beta, it’s in between alpha and beta given the simple fact that it’s so broken and awful it might as well just be considered a test flight with the added option of a campaign


Yeah it feels like a beta. It’s technically not, but with all the forced game modes and weapon challenges it feels like they are pushing these things so they can keep testing how they register in game. It feels very incomplete.


Dead Service game now it seems,
It’s been so content sparse that its depressing.


That’s how I feel, it seems like they were too quick to make this a full game when it feels like it’s lacking a lot that I remember from previous titles. I remember I used to be able to play halo endlessly back in the day and with this I just feel as though I haven’t seen a lot of variety to keep me entertained. Granted the game seems to play very well with the battle rifle starts, I’ll give them that.

IMHO for me it feels like a beta. Why? Dsync, Custom Games Area, weapons issues ETC ETC.

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