Is Halo Infinite Open World?

In the teaser trailer for Halo Infinite it gave the impression of a large and expansive ‘breathing’ ‘world’ as wildlife was shown and Chief drove across the great expanse in his warthog. More specifically, an Open World Campaign experience seemed to be alluded to.
Actually, now that I think about it, Halo 5 might have been conditioning us for this sort of campaign experience. Those odd ‘missions’ in Halo 5 that acted more as a hub world were so out of place in a traditional Halo campaign but would make perfect sense in an open world game.
I think an open world Halo has great potential but I don’t want them attempting it unless they do it right. We also would need to be able to replay missions just as if it was a normal Halo campaign. Similar to Halo: ODST