Is halo infinite lacking in aim assist?

It is just me or are the weapons actually lacking in aim assist,i mean shooting the sidekick fells realy inaccurate even at close range engagements,and that doesn’t limit’s just to the sidekick but for most weapons of the game even when the Red Reticule is active.

Sorry for the bad English


I see some PC people complaining about aim assist being too high, but at least on my Series X with a controller I feel like I have almost no aim assist and often overcorrect my aim, leading to missing while I get hosed down by pinpoint accurate mouse players.

I don’t know what to think.


This is my experience on Series S with controller. I have friends playing on PC but they are using controllers not MnK and experiencing the same issues. So it’s input not platform related, in terms of how in MCC aim assist was tied to framerate at least iirc.

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There’s almost no assist compared to previous halos. It feels impossible to use a game pad and be accurate


I hope 343 See’s this post

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I have used M /KB for 10 years on PC for FPS games. I switched to controller this afternoon and my accuracy went from 42% to 65% with a controller. Controller is absolutely dominating right now. And while I don’t doubt it has less aim asset then halo 5 it is still significant. Trying to hit headsets with a BR at mid range with a mouse is -Yoink!- terrible. I actually had a ton of fun tonight instead of endless frustration.

Get good at the game people, I use a controller on a series x and I do fine with aiming you just need to get used to it

Halo infinite is lacking in everything good

I agree whole heartedly.

Aim assist is weird on this game. Its there but I feel like I dont feel it but yet ive seen videos with some aggressive assist at range. I play on console but I would be down with less aim assist honestly or at least nerf the range on it.

For reference, I used to get Unfriggs and Perfections in H3/H5. Multiple 50’s in H3.

I can’t aim for -Yoink!- in this game (Series X) and it’s so frustrating it drives me away from the game.
It’s seems inconsistent as hell, sometime I do great, then the next session the AA turns off and I go negative even in social… it’s aggravating

Nothing wrong with the aim assist in this game. Every top player on the CSR rankings in the open playlsit are playing controller.

aim assist is bugged currently. some get non, while some even grt double.
i have to unplug m&k to have controller aa work.