Is halo infinite close to halo 5?

Is halo 5 close to halo infinite, i dont think so, i would love to have some more of hte halo 5. alot of people will hate me for this bbut i really loved halo 5 and i think its many more out there that loves the multiplayer. Could we try to add some stuff from halo 5 please. Maybe that you can have difrent level off the wepon in warzone and also PUT IN WARZONE in halo infinite it was so fun in halo 5. does players that loved it will love halo infinite. i would also like to make the gravityhammer more like halo 5 beacuse it was so cool when you could aim in on players and when you where on distence you could like fly in to them (the same effect with the energi sword).So please 343 add more halo 5 stuff in the game.

A lot of people will maybe hate you, because they have loudest voice, but as much people who love Halo 5 who love you lol.

I love Halo 5 for the advanced mobility and I understand than some of them were far too much, like spartan charge and ground pound

I regret there isn’t stabilizer jump when you jump and aim like in Halo 5, I regret the radar cannot differentiate contact who are not at the same level at you (they were less shiny in H5 when the ennem is up or down)) and I also hope they will bring back the thruster pack dodge in equipment.
I think this is a sad turning back