Is Halo done?

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just doing a check on if halo is done? When the last one came out with the disaster debut where no one could even play the game for a couple months, i thought, no surprise the idiots who took the game over obviously are incompetent but it will eventually get fixed. The game was a success for a short minute but with the connectivity and lagg issues that have plagued halo5 for so long, i ponder now if a new game will ever come out. I wouldn’t spend money on a new one even being a repeat player in the past. And if it does, will common sense programming dictate better connectivity and quality of competitive gaming? I highly doubt any capital has been invested in a company who so poorly and unprofessional debuted an unprepared game to bring about such needed change. It’s sad but a legend, in 3 series of games, was totally ruined. That’s what happens when incompetent and arrogant individuals are given responsibility. And so now we are at the point where we must ask if it truly is done?