Is Halo changing in the wrong ways?

Im not bashing the changes in Halo 4, I like loadouts and some of the changes 343 made, but, is anyone wondering why Halo is taking things from other franchises and putting them in? From Halo CE to Halo 3, Halo was the game to take ideas from. Halo didn’t copy other franchises, they copied Halo. Then Reach happened, and now Halo 4. It’s taking ideas from Call of Duty and Battlefield 3, instead of THEM taking ideas from Halo. I just think Halo should change, like games do, but change by having original ideas, like equipment in Halo 3. Not taking ideas from other franchises that are nowhere near as good as Halo. If we take ideas from other games, it’s like we are saying Halo isn’t the best game out there. Otherwise, IT would be what other games would copy.

Agree with most of your post, OP.

I’ve always been against the changes H4 has introduced, and many people mistake that for me being against change in general, when i’m really not; i’m just opposed to the specific changes we have gotten.

Halo should be setting market trends - not following them like another sheep in the herd, and it seems really unambitious on 343’s behalf to settle for the type of changes we have gotten: the majority of ‘new’ things H4 brings to Halo are things CoD4 did 5 years ago, and things that we have experienced in countless other games every year since CoD4 came out.

Halo is also a franchise that has been distinct and considerably different to most other shooters; there really weren’t any other shooters like H1, H2 or H3. I feel this has always worked in Halo’s favour, attracting people that are discontent with all the samey shooters that pollute the market or people that just fancy a change. With the changes H4 has introduced 343 have sacrificed this trait.

343 need to learn that you don’t make a game uber-popular by implementing features players already get elsewhere: you make a game uber-popular by creating an experience that players simply cannot get anywhere else.

When every single one of my friends(people that didn’t know anything about the game before they bought it) say “omg this is basically CoD,” yes, I think it’s changing for the worst.