Is Halo 5's Hype is actually for Halo 6???

Hello peoples of the interweb (and waypoint), today I come to you with some speculation on why all the hype for Halo 5 wasn’t actually included in the game… hmmm where do I start. let’s see… the most obvious I guess.

Chief the traitor?: We all heard this pre halo 5 launch. He’ll the entire ad campaign for the game comprised of putting that concept out there with all the trailers and the entire Hunt The Truth audio series. We were mostly excited to see what 343 had in store for us and probably thought this would be the next Halo 2 (that would be a huge compliment). I personally expected the game to focus more on the inner corruption of the human government and how ONI had turned sour to the Chief because they couldn’t “control” him, so they tainted his name, sabotage him, and made him a traitor, and I expected the game to mainly focus on Chief and the inner destruction of ONI ON because not everyone agreed with their view of him. Now I didn’t expect thentire game to focus on that, obviously they’d have the tie in the events that did happen in the game somehow but I wanted better mention of the Chief being a traitor and murderer more than because he chose to find Cortanan against orders, I mean come on that was weak!!!
So where did all the events from the trailers and Hunt The Truth series go? Well my speculation is that none of that happened before or during halo 5, but actually after it (during or just before Halo 6). I think ONI was after Chief in Hunt The Truth to the drastic extent they went through because fireteam Osiris failed at Bringing in Chief or killing him, instead they more so joined him, so now ONI had has gone to the extent of slandering his name so that there will be no where he can go to be safe. Now I have no solid evidence behind this but here’s thought:

Remember that weird Halo teaser at e3 2013 with chief in the cloak, walking through some desert? He comes across a guardian and grips Cortanan chip in his hand? Well there was a lot of talk that he wore the cloak because he was hiding and something big must happen to him in halo 5 but none of that stuff did happen. That very teaser wasn’t exactly a teaser for Halo 5 either, it was a teaser for “Halo” meaning that it could be for any of the future games.

if this is the case then I believe that halo 5s campaign was lacking because it was simply just filler to introduce the key characters supporting chief that we may see in halo 6. who knows, it’s just something to think about…

I mean…We knew going into Halo 4 that there was going to be at least 3 games in the series. So yes, in that sense Halo 5 is a set up for 6, hence the cliffhanger ending.

As to the first teaser…I wouldn’t read to much into it. It shows that the Chief is lost without Cortana and then introduces us to a new character in 5.

Pretty much everything in hunt the truth has dates that put it before halo 5, not to mention makes no sense taking place after halo 5 what with the guardians already being released and the created and all. ONI has its plate full trying to stop galatic conquest.