Is halo 5 too competitive?

Halo 5 is a game I want to become successful and I am very curious about the gameplay. The gameplay doesn’t feel the same as the old halo did. It’s feels so competitive, it’s even rage inducing. To me it’s not that fun old halo where you could mess around while playing multiplayer. I am very curious when will forge come out? Why did they make the hunt the truth advertisements and not put it in the game? There are so many questions but I must go back to the point.
Halo 5 gameplay is even repetitive with its maps and sometimes annoying. Now some people may disagree with me I understand it’s a new game, but they should try their best to fix the maps such as Truth. In the map truth you can get spawn trapped easly it’s annoying to be spawn trapped constantly. The spawns on the map can sometimes be awful you can sometimes spawn behind your enemies or get killed after you spawned.
Now halo 5 problem main problem to me are the guns because some of the guns kill you quickly like its nothing. For example the Light Rifle, when you scope in and shoot some it takes half of their shield and can kill you with at least 3 shots when scoped in. The fuel rod cannon now is very very slow it’s even seems pointless to use it and your best chance to kill some with it is when you are up close to their face. The shotgun is very powerful it’s one shot done, but with the scatter shot it’s different with the shotgun. At a specific range the scattershot will do less than the shotgun.
I love halo a lot so please tell me what is your opinion about this game. You heard my opinion now I want hear everyone’s opinion about the game.

I think a lot of this will take some time to tweak with updates… I haven’t had that big of a problem with fuel rod but have noticed the difference in shotgun vs. scattershot.

I have even heard of people getting double kills form a spawn. Truth is the least of the spawn problem, comparing to Regret and Pegasus. The game was obviously designed to be competitive and from what you are describing, and I am sure they will include Social very soon. As far as the weapons, I find them to be more balanced than any other Halo in the past. The Fuel Rod is not as slow as the Caster and you will soon be able to customize your aim with all guns. Not many issues that I have been reading cant be easily fixed. The next update is next week, so lets hope for the best. The game is young but its really fun IMO.