Is halo 5 taking up too much storage?

Alright. Not that this is a bad thing, but 343 just keeps pumping out updates. Halo 5 doesn’t seem like a very big game. I realize that resolution and frame rate and other graphical stuff makes the install size larger, but… Fallout 4 is about 50 GB with all updates. So, it doesn’t make sense that a first person shooter takes up almost double that(and growing) of an open world RPG. Like, I’m going to be out of storage! Your thoughts?

My friend recently got an Xbox One with some games, including Halo 5. All the updates by themselves took up about 55 GB of data. Considering that Fallout 4 has much more content than Halo 5’s updates, I’d say that 343 needs to find a way to make their updates more efficient.

When I initially installed my disc it clocked in at 65 gigs, that was at release. My digital MCC was 80, so yeah the fact that one game was almost as big as 4 is a problem. After a few updates it hit 90 and i was like forget this. I more or less hated the game anyway so I deleted it.

My halo 5 takes about 90 gigs. i think its way to big.

Too many armor sets.

Yes, it’s a lot of space. It’s not just Halo 5 though. Gears 4 looks like it will need 80gb or so, good job I have 3 terrabytes of storage, it would be a real pain without it.

Problem solved with an external hard drive, and if you can’t afford it, then I’m not sure, however nearly 100 gigs is pretty big for one game compared to four games but for less gigs

Xbox One absolutely requires an external HDD. I went with a 4tb and I’m fine for space. I don’t worry about updates and such. If money is an issue you could grab yourself a reasonably priced 2tb drive.

I have a 2tb HDD. And since I only use my Xbox One for exclusives it works out pretty good.

If anyone is looking for one, they go on sale, often as low as around $80, which is what I got mine for. They’re definitely worth the upgrade.