Is halo 5 really the best halo? (No)

Well my thoughts on Halo 5 are this.
Campaign- Legendary is hard. The warden is such a repetitive boss the missions get boring. But I don’t really have the feels in the campaign like I did in 3. I remember the feeling I got in The ark and Halo those missions were amazing. The iconic warthog run was one thing :). Halo 5 doesn’t have anything worth remembering sadly.

Multiplayer - Arena really is only competitive in the Team Arena playlist. The social playlists are full of sweats which sucks. At least the fixed up the ranked based stuff in social. Now Warzone is fun really. The vehicles and power weopons everything is cool. But you have to fight every single person you see and if they come behind you it’s to late. But I wish Halo 5 felt like halo when playing. Warzone got boring for me now after getting 50+ Kills a game. I only play halo 5 when I just wanna destroy noobs now sadly. I’ll be playing halo mcc for now. But what do you guys think about halo 5s content?

Grifball does not contain that. And when you play with friends, all of these are fun to play. Including warzone. Funny stuff happen in it and it is always.I know I’m going to get hate for this but I think this is one of the best halos because of the constant love it has been getting(or try to get) from the developers.