Is Halo 5 multiplayer broken on the Series X? nvrmd, just set it to expanded

I been playing 5 on my series x and it kicks me out of a match way too often, just the other day i was in warzone firefight and i it kicked me out 3 time from the same match. it says something like “your console cant conect to the servers” so it could be an issue with them too, has this been happening to anyone else?

UPDATE: i think it was because i had it set to balance, set it to expand and just had two full slayer matches and a warzone firefight, no kicks and after a day of quick resume, so glad it wasn’t anything major.

I also use Xbox Series X to play Halo 5. Being kicked out in the game has nothing to do with Series X, but is more likely caused by a problem with the server or network connection.

The only thing that Xbox Series X|S affects Halo 5 is that the matching of the first game of Halo 5 may fail every time it is played. This problem is caused by the Quick Resume.

I don’t think so, I was playing h5 the other day on my Series x and had no problems.

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I have no problems play Halo 5 on my series x.

ok, i dont play too often but i thought it was weird it happened almost every time after downloading it on my series x. i have had matches that go smoothly but recently it felt totally broken.

thank you for being my first reply i really want to be apart this community in hopes for a better halo experience on all halo games.

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I wish you luck. We could use the positivity these days.


Same as it ever was…

I can go 30 minutes or more in matchmaking without being able to get into a Big Team Super Fiesta game. Always get the “UNABLE TO MATCH” error. It’s been like this for a couple of months, easily. It’s so bad, I’ve actually tried some Halo Infinite and while they do have 4v4 Fiesta, there presently isn’t any super Fiesta which is easily the best Halo party game. I’ll just keep trying.

yeah it could be 5 just has a lack of players, which is why i want this game ported to pc and upgraded for X|S, i think if it was at least updated we could find a decent amount of matches on each game mode

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