Is Halo 5: Guardians good

When I first saw the reveal at E3 2013 I was super hyped, Halo 4 is my favorite halo and having a fifth coming out soon i was ecstatic.
The hype was intensified more by all the marketing of Locke hunting Chief, and the possibility of Chief being a traitor.
The hype went down when the first gameplay was shown and I thought “something’s off.” I immediately suspected Halo 5 may not be what i expected.
long story short with all the epic trailers and possibly the greatest video game ad campaign ever, the game fell short to me and ended up being mediocre.

No, it’s great imo.

Campaign is awful, Arena is fun but a little repetitive, but Warzone is worth the price of admission alone. I’d give it a 6-7/10 (with 5 truly bring average unlike IGN where the average for AAA games is like 7).

It’s a good game, but it’s a bad Halo game.

warzone is fun but gets kinda stale since there are only 3 maps atm
arena is bare to bones and not fun
campaign story is meh

my opinion

In my opinion I thought Halo 5 had the best marketing of any game, but the game is NOTHING like the marketing. So campaign I give it a 4 out of 10. But for me the highlight of any game is the online multiplayer, and Halo 5 has the best Halo multiplayer since Halo Reach (Nothing can beat Reach’s multiplayer). I love the competitive part of breakout and the fun of arena slayer and swat. I love warzone too but not as much as arena. I give Halo 5 multiplayer a 9.5 out of 10 and now that BTB is coming out I might give it a 10.

I think its pretty good…

It’s -Yoinking!- AWESOME!

It’s good, but you don’t meet high expectations or win competitions by being just “good”.

Even with Halo 5’s downfalls (lack of playlists, boring campaign) it beats Halo 4 easily. It feels exactly like Halo, the Smart Scope feels almost exactly like the aiming of older Halos. I think it’s already a good game without Forge and missing some playlists.

Fantastic! I’m loving the game. I was also over hyped… but now that I’ve given it some more time, this is a really great Halo game!

I think the game just has a really weak release. That’s because when it was brought out it was kind of, well, half-baked. They’re filling in all the holes with free DLC, which should have been in the game in the first place, save for it not making the deadline I suppose. Maybe in a few months it will get better, but thus far I think it’s a cut above Halo 4. That’s just me.

I think it is phenominal. I would agree with many saying that the campaign is not the best. Level design is head and shoulders better than 4. (Not so narrow in scope) From a story perspective, I do think Halo 4 bests it. The differentiating factor is the MP. Pure Gold IMO. Best since Halo 2. Potentially best ever.

I’d give it 7/10 could be a lot lot better but I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

Worst campaign of the mainline titles. MP is tons better than Halo 4, better than CE imo, fantastic weapon balance, some good maps and some mediocre ones. Needs more quality MP maps to Match Halo 2/3 for me but it’s definitely a high point for Halo multiplayer from what we’ve seen the last couple of years.

I never lag either, the dedicated servers are working it seems.

Like 5 better than 4. Gameplay is smooth, MP is fun.

They seem to still be adding in content and currently that leaves me wanting (MOAR MAPS).

Halo 5 is simply an ‘okay’ game. It has plenty of the Halo fundamentals that keeps us coming back for more but they definitely put far more effort in to developing Halo 4 than this title.

It could have been much better if 343i had the proper motivation and inspiration. They seemed to have fallen short in both categories this time around.