Is Halo 4's pelican just a glorified falcon?

Think about it, the pilot controls main gun, two passengers on either side control the side-mounted machine gun turrets. Just like the falcon.

There is a new copilot seat for the scorpion turret gunner, but there still arent any passenger seats in the back of the pelican. :frowning:


Even if it is a glorified falcon I want to actually pilot in in Spartan Ops

They should be able to implement it into spartan ops and possibly release it as an added item for MM. Considering your able to access it through a glitch in a mission it should be possible though it would need some major nerfing.

I wish they had made a falcon or hornet instead. Even a hybrid would have been better than the pelican.

I just want a falcon or hornet for multiplayer

Wellโ€ฆ yeah. The Falcon was always a stripped down Pelican. That was kind of the point.