Is Halo 4 region-free?

Have we any confirmation of Halo 4’s region situation?

I can’t seem to locate any information on this matter.

If we go with precedent, Halo 4 should be region-free. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

hey, i can confirm that halo 4 pal is region free as it works on my ntsc-j xbox, still not sure about other regions :stuck_out_tongue:

i Aslo had a question about this. will a different region Say…NTSC-J be in Japaneses?

Aren’t MOST 360 games region-free?

as far as i know they are but will a NTSC-J version of the game be in that regions language if im playing the game on a US xbox

hey quiksilver, it depends on the country, say singapore which is ntsc-j has halo 4 in english but on the cover box, there might be some chinese on it

the one im looking to get is coming from Hong Kong

hmm, im not too sure about that sorry
but i THINK it should still be in english but may have something like chinese subtitles, but yeh im not too sure

ok thanks.