Is Halo 4 COD?

I have heard this a lot and would like to give my opinion.

In some ways Halo 4 is similar to COD. Halo has gone from being everyone starts with the same weapons to everyone can choose from certain weapons. Also the game is now faster paced, with sprint, insta respawn, and no descope when shot. Halo also now has COD like killstreaks. Not everything is changed but a lot is.

Another major change is that the game is more random, like COD. Random Ordnance makes things less predictable.

IMO, these most of these changes are good and will be kept. Before you start screaming at me let me explain.

Halo 3 is (and forever will) my favorite Halo. It was well balanced, fun and had I think the best map of any game. But that isn’t coming back. ever since AAs Halo as become more arcade like. And now that it is it is hard to go back. If 343 was to go back it would frustrate a number of people, and would keep them from introducing new concepts. unfortunately old style Halo is hard to bring new concepts that will sell well to. Also Halo would quickly get stale. whether you think it good or bad Halo is sticking with its AAs and arcade feel.

If you accept what I said above, than the insta spawn, sprint, and no descope when shot are all good, because they reinforce, and make better the new style of Halo. If you are going to have halo play fast, don’t do it half way (like halo reach).

Ordnance is mostly good for new style halo. Weapons at spawn are good as always. Random Ordnance seems to be getting a lot of hate, people say its unfair. but its not, think about classic maps like lockout. Lockout was asymmetrical, which is just as unfair as random ordnance. Random ordnance is not unfair, it bring new situations and keeps the game fun, like asymmetrical maps do. The thing I have a problem with is personal ordnance. It ruins parts of the game because it is uncontrollable. Unlike random ordnance, personal ordnance is a) discourages map flow, b) is less skill based and c) MAKE IT SO THAT EVERY MAP HAS EVERY WEAPON ON IT. personal ordnance makes maps far harder to control, and means you never have any idea what weapons your enemy has. In halo 3 on construct, you never had to worry about you enemy pulling a rocket launcher out of no where, and on guardian you knew there would be no energy sword. personal ordnance ruins this map control and ruins the flow of the game.

the other thing that gets a lot of hate is custom classes. I am not a big fan of this, but it is a necessary evil. if you are going to have armor abilities, (which Halo will for a long time)then you have to have custom classes so people can pick which one you want, unfortunately custom classes make map control harder, but not as bad as personal ordnance. I don’t like a having perks in the game though, I think they should not be there(why should they?) But if you take out custom classes, then you have to take out AAs (which is not going to happen) and have to place non power weapons on map.

That is one of the new things I really like about halo 4, only power weapons spawn on map, because that means you can just focus on getting them and not worry about getting things like the carbine.

So I think there should be some changes made to the game, or to the next Halo. Personal ordnance should be taken out. Period. there is no reason for them to be in there. The same goes for perks. they are useless. then, to make up for the lack of personal ordnace, initial ordnance should respawn. this would bring back a more normal Halo feel and would keep map control. Random ordnance should be kept. and custom classes should be kept, although I could see limiting them a little. I also think there should be a seperate playlist that has everyone spawn with just an assault rifle, magnum, and frags; no armor abilities. The new faster paced things like insta respawn and sprint should be kept. If all of this is done then Halo will not be COD it will still be Halo, just a faster, newer version of Halo.



> No.

But, yeah, it pretty much is.

OP has a point.

Some change is good. Other change… not so much.

Also, please. The guy decided to put a text wall. Why not elaborate further beyond a single negative word, eh?

I have been playing both Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 and if you can not tell they are 2 different game play core experiences then you have not played both games.

halo ce was my favorite and also halo has allways been an arcade game lol