Is Halo 4/5 armor really that bad?

On these forums here, I see a lot people saying that “343 armor is terrible, and impractical, or just looked too plastic”. Well, I mean, sure some of these designs may not be that great or appealing to some, but I think they are at least trying to make some good ones that might please a lot of people out there. Now, when I see some posts saying the new armor is ugly, I kinda tend to disagree on some part. What I’m trying to say is just because some of the armor in the game looks bad and/or unappealing doesn’t mean that they all are. I’m sure there are some armors there that we can make an exception of, though that would generally depend on a person. As for me, I like some of the armor in the game; Recruit, Gen 2, recon, and maybe a few others, even the one I’m wearing right now (which is a Recluse Seri). Anyway, I’ve spoken on my part, and acted in defense of 343i’s design on some of the armor. Call me crazy for thinking that, but I speak the truth from the bottom of my heart. Now then, let’s hear your answers.

i think people are just tired of variations of the same armor, they need to bring armor back from reach.

I’m fine with the armors

I really like the new armor. It just makes sense that the armor is different from older generations. I like lighter, sleeker armors over the bulky, blocky armors. Random observation: only 5 (6 if you include one of the new armor sets in the Hammerstorm update) armor sets have some crotch protection. I mean, I know Spartans need full range-of-motion, and I’m not a designer, but that seems like an important place to protect.

I don’t think its awful, but I like Halo 3 armor way more. I liked the general look and feel of it and the specific design, plus the extra layers of customization.
Some Halo 4/5 helmets are awesome, but the body would be better if it was more Halo 3-like

Finally someone who appreciates mako

some variants look ok…but I think I will always prefer Reach’s practical gritty armor variants.


Yes. As I scroll through all the armor in Halo 4/5, I look at most of them and think “This is so bad it’s not even realistic, a Spartan would never actually wear something that looks so ridiculous.”

Spartans don’t technically wear mako marines do

My problem is how you unlock the armor. everything is random. so you can want eva but never actually unlock it. I have 4 different variations of the same helmet that the only difference is they have pallet swaps.

I am happy with the armor sets and 343 add FREE armor, guns, skins, maps and game modes too!

I personally love the armor in Halo 4 and 5. But I do understand how the armors do look impractical or appear to be made of plastic. The new armor is great for me, but I understand how others long for the old armor. We’ve seen the inclusion of past guns in Halo being added, so I would think that adding some of the old armor wouldn’t be out of the question. Personally I would love to have the Reach armor for my spartan in Halo 5.

We should be able to customize them more. Rather than have 200 armors, do 80 but then allow for camo variants and decals or even a simple accessory or graphic effect like Reach did.

Lots of them just don’t seem practical. Like how is having a horn sticking out of the helmet really useful? Or all those helmets with no visors, what happens if there is a malfunction with the helmet? I guess you have to take the whole thing off to see…

They’re great. They’re a nice evolution of the Halo 3 style, and they also have ones that incorporate elements of Reach and whatnot. There’s much more variety in appearances than ever before, not like Reach where almost every chest looked like the same thing.

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> some variants look ok…but I think I will always prefer Reach’s practical gritty armor variants.

Then, personally I don’t like the armors randomization in Halo 5 REQs