Is game Breaking?????

So I have been having a problem with Halo 5 for some time now.
after 1-4 games, I will start to load into another match, but I will get stuck in the blank loading screen, yet the match is going on without me.
I know this because I had a friend playing with me, and his headset could pick up the game play, I even asked him “the match is going?” and I told him what was happening on my end.
i sat there waiting for the game to get going for about 10 min before I was forced to go to the game hub and quit Halo that way, otherwise I would have turn off console because I was stuck.
This happens every day to me now “If i’m playing Halo”
I have also found that my REQ items are not loading into the games I can get into, just played a match where I could not change out my weapons at all, I could pick up anything that was dropped, but that was all I could use.

I even have screenshots of the error messages I have.

currently uninstalling the game and downloading it again, but I am not holding my breath.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

screen shots here

I remember seeing several posts a while ago about black loading screens, and it was found out that it is related to the voices of war voiceovers. If you have those, then that could be your problem there.

With the requisition system problem, try performing a cold reset of your Xbox One (hold down power logo for 10 seconds) to clear the game cache.

i do have the voices of war.
yesterday i was on the phone with XB support, did a full clear “everything” with the guy, all the excess data was deleted.
unplugged everything, reset xbox.
we did everything that we could think of.
I played 2 games after talking to the guy, then i had the black loading issue.
turned off game, played one then had another loading issue.
game after that, REQ system was not available.

i have yet to play it after un and re installing the game.

Try switching back to the default voice of Spartan Palmer, then that should resolve your black screen issue.

In terms of the REQ system, if the resets didn’t work then it is because the servers are a complete mess at the moment (due to a technical fault somewhere) so all you can do is to wait for that to fix itself.

Why should we go without what we paid for ie voices pack just to play the game, it means we have wasted our money, it’s 343 problem and they should sort it, I have checked the forums regularly lately and found slot of people having the same issues that have been about for over a year without anything being done to fix. I’d rather a refund as this halo is broken

the REQ problem looked like it was only effecting me, as i had seen countless players grabbing … everything their hearts desired, I was left looking for scraps of ammo or REQ stations for ammo.
I could not see any of my armor, or anything in my collections at all, everything was “unavailable” to me, even after i turned the xbox off

343 are aware of the current issues and are investigating. In an effort to keep things clean and organized and not have hundreds of threads discussing the same issue, I’m going to close it in favor of these 2 active threads noted below. Feel free to leave your reports there, the more detailed the better so screenshots, video clips and links to games are encouraged