Is "fun" Halo dead?

IDK my teammates usually have better things to do than play the game.

As for Fun Halo being dead? Brother that is a hard question because it’s up to each player.

The other day I killed a warthog and Tbaged it with a wasp. That was fun.
In another game we had 6/7 people on a warthog. 3 inside and 3/4 on top driving around killing people.
I surfed two people on a ghost has we killed two enemies before the self destruct kicked in.

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Halo hasn’t been fun since Reach. 343 has always cared about money and “their vision” of Halo rather than preserving the legacy it built.

This is the problem of SBMM….

Somehow bungie figuered out how tk do it right but… never again.

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Wasn’t until last night that all of a sudden I was really enjoying myself playing. Things were just clicking and the matches were great. Even when I played BtB on Fragmentation 5 times in a row, a map I previously thought of as the worst so far, I still had a blast.

I think we are all little guilty of being too quick to judge harshly.

They used to bully people who spent all day playing the game, not the other way around. Cringe!

“Fun” Halo comes from Big Team (to an extent) and custom games. After Halo Reach any sort of fun went out the window cause everyone wants to be the next Ninja, or SnipeDown or Liquid so bad

But also do keep in mind we are missing 90% of the gamemodes Halo is known for as well as the ability to select which specific one freely at the moment. Keep that in mind.

It’s awesome, but not fun? Well that sounds subjective, is fun stomping people and having an overwhelming advantage? ? :thinking:

At least for me and a lot of people I like close matches, I wanna earn the win not just walk up and take it.

An example I use is the rating system in iRacing. So yes you have safety rating, but I mean their version of SBMM. So the average skill rating of the lobby/race is called Strength of Field.

  • The people who intentionally join low SoF races gain very little if they win and lose a decent chunk if they place in the lower half of the field.
  • The people who intentionally join high SoF races, i.e. join a field where they are a backmarker and place in the middle of the field gain a decent rating boost.

Which is rewards higher risk/reward players and people who actively seek out a challenge. Like I want my opponents to have their -Yoink!- together and be on their game. Rise to the challenge and the same thing applies to FPS games.

If I’m constantly being placed in close matchups, that’s awesome. I think the occasional blow out is the SBMM testing a matchup or just an odd estimation going sideways.

My advice is to just play the way you wanna play and you’ll be placed where you’re needed most of the time. Personally I like the chaos of the sandbox and all it’s hilarious moments as much as I like to win.

That all said, most matches I’m moving between trying to win and being a complete donkey which I think lines up with my description of Halo MP/campaigns : "Halo is very serious, except for when it’s not"

I love the matches where you’re sorta messing around while going for OBJ, then suddenly you’re losing and then you win by clutching with some idiotic strat like “Hey you grab the other ghost and race me around the map” as you splatter 20 people like agents of chaos.

Yo relax this is OP’s first post.

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I find the game at this stage of development completely devoid of any humor that was always present in 5. This added a “fun” element. I also think the overall look of the game is more serious and just a bit of a downer compared to previous versions.

Still playing it tho.

i guess I just don’t really get this complaint, I’ve had a lot of very even games but plenty of games where I’ve been able to do very well and completely stomp the other team. I played with my brother earlier and he got four killtaculars in three games. Feels about on par with my usual Halo experiences, really.

In terms of core game-play this Halo really is missing a lot of the silliness of the other games. Fiesta is here for the event but where’s Zombies, Griffball, and the other less serious game modes. Even in terms of the more serious game modes there’s alot missing, no Swat, no Big Team Heavies, No Sniper Slayer. Games missing a lot.