Is free for all easy to place high in?

I placed in Onyx in Free for all and i’m terrible in free for all and even have more deaths than kills! My ranking in it is 1500. Are many of you ranked in onyx too in free for all? are many people ranked high?

Basically everyone gets Onyx in FFA

The placement matches are very inconsistent right now. I think something in the formula algorithm is off because i played with a friend of mine all 10 placement matches in doubles and he got placed in onyx while i got diamond 1. He went 3 wins and 7 losses in slayer and got diamond 1 as another example. Some thing is definitely off in the placement matches that need to be fixed for next season.

I’d let you know if it would let me find a game in the FF playlist.

I got 8 games in a row, and now can’t connect to a single one so can’t get a rank :frowning:

Not for me… lol.

I play Warzone and place high every game so i though i must be good at this Halo 5 malarkey lets give free for all a go…

It wasnt a nice experience, of course i dont know the maps and spawn points but i think i went 6 kills 22 deaths. . Needless to say i have stuck with Warzone

I haven’t been ranked yet and don’t expect to be ranked highly. FFA is a cluster bomb. Spawn killing is rampant, always sandwiched between other players, and the radar is shortened as well. I have no idea how anyone can be a champion in FFA.

FFA is more frustrating than pushing water uphill with a fork… Can’t stand it. Last time I played was me vs 7 Onyx players, and I left it there.