Is Firefight or Warzone coming back as third game mode or something new for halo infinite?

since halo reach the halo series always got alway’s 3 diffrend game mode’s.

first: campaing mode.
second: matchmaking mode.
and the third: has been Firefight in halo reach, Spec Ops in Halo 4, Warzone in halo 5.
so what is the third game mode for halo infinite then?

Could technically argue there are usually 4 if you include forge which is pretty distinct from everything else, up to you whether it counts as a gamemode or a tool though. There’s definitely some unique things you can do in a multiplayer forge lobby so I’d personally count it haha.

There’s been no announcement of another pve mode. It’s a big shame if you ask me. You could argue the open world part of the campaign is kinda that, but there’s nothing to do in it once you’ve 100% everything and is SP only + no xp so it’s really not what you mean.

They might add something in a patch one day but don’t expect it until like season 4 after forge & coop are added.

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This is all speculative, but I’ll give my two cents.

They’ll probably bring back Warzone and Warzone Firefight down the line, the systems built into the game (specifically Campaign) lends itself well towards Warzone. Bosses, Weapon/Vehicle variants, 12v12, etc.

The question is when and honestly they’ll be so tied up with Co-op/Forge first year that I wonder if we’ll see it anytime soon.

Warzone in Halo 5 was awesome and would love to see it come back. I could do without Firefight though. That mode got pretty boring after a game or two.

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I fully expect some kind of third pillar, PvE focused experience to come into Infinite at some point. It’ll probably be called Firefight, but like H5, I’ve got serious doubts it will meaningfully resemble the modes established in ODST/Reach.

Given how Forge and even Campaign Co-Op aren’t present at launch and will take the better half of 2022 to arrive, I don’t expect this mode until probably early '23 at the soonest, though.

I hope so, I’d kill for Warzone Firefight or any version of Firefight for that matter.

If I can spend my time PvE’ing with my friends, I’d sink way more time into this game.


Yeah it’s great to be able to play Halo in a non-PvP environment at times that isn’t the campaign. At least firefight with AI was somewhat dynamic - the campaign isn’t.

it was all long speculative on the forum what infinite will get for a third game type.
if firefight is coming back or the return of warzone.

the point what most people wane know more is what is coming now as the third game mode for infinite.
since there have been rumors for a long time all what will come as the third game mode.
like that Firefight is coming to infinite or warzone is coming back and back then the rumors was that the third game mode was becoming a Battle Royal mode.

so thats why i think more people like me also wane know finally what the third game mode is going to be all is it coming in 2023 i not care that there tell it what it will be is fine all for me but telling notting is not going to help stop the speculative about the third game mode.

Firefight will likely return; however, without the req system Warzone is probably gone for good.

A traditional firefight is needed akin to Reach and ODST but in the interim they could increase the strength of the bots in bot boot camp or leave the strength alone but increase the number of bots to 8 so it is 4 v 8 which would be good… right now bot bootcamp is barely a warm up…