Is FFA throwback the worst playlist ever?

First of all stop spawning people in progress into time based FFA games for f sake… And make the times to win more than 50 seconds?? The games last 2 minutes sometimes.

What do we have to do to get a regular FFA slayer playlist? Is it ever going to happen?

You’d think by just taking a look at the populations in objective playlists compared to slayer playlists, that they would have added slayer ffa instead of objective ffa. That playlist can’t even hold 2k players.

Does it with regicide to. Last 7 games of regicide I’ve been in I’ve joined in over half way through. Then I try to stay in the lobby so that it won’t happen again and everybody leaves. So if I want to play Regicide again I’m forced to search again and almost certain to join in progress.

Other than that I don’t like objective based FFA anyway, seriously you took out snipers to put this playlist in.

They are replacing FFA Throwback with Team Regicide on the Monday update

As well as fixing joining a game almost finished/other team stomping other

Mantis spawn time on Meltdown etcetc