Is Escharum dream of Doisac talking about the Flood?

In one of the Auido logs Escharum talks about a dream he has concerning Doisac.

“Doisac was in my dreams again. Is this a portent or a reminder?

It has been so long since I stood on my home. On my world. Since I felt it’s heat underfoot. I could almost taste the sulphur as it mixed with the rains.

A lone tree towered above everything else. As I looked up the sky darkened and the rain fell harder. Waters rose. The forest disappeared beneath the tides. Swept away by its power.

I had no choice but to climb. Many times I lost my way. One moment I was drowning. The next gasping for air but eventually I reached the top.

I roared at the Gods but they were silent. As I looked up to the sky, the stars went dark.

One by one.

Until there was only darkness.”

Now he doesn’t use the word here. But he’s describing Doisac being destroyed in a great Flood and then sees all of the Stars in the Galaxy go dark. Implying the death of all things. He also even asks himself if this is a portent or a reminder; so it could foreshadow the Banished releasing the Flood on the Galaxy.

It could also imply that Doisac itself had a Flood outbreak before it was destroyed. Possibly some Flood carried here by the Banished who had been fighting them on the Ark. Maybe that being why Cortana destroyed Doisac but didn’t destroy Earth. There is precedent for that since it’s what Ancient Humans did to the Forerunners in a Halo 4 terminal cutscene.

Plus, if Time Travel is a thing, it could be that it’s both a portent and a reminder.


If anything its probably supposed to be more Endless forshadowing. 343 doesn’t care about the flood.


A Flood can be seem pretty endless. :smile:

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I read that differently.

Possibly a Brute way of saying, ‘I looked to the gods (presumably Forerunners at the time) during a time of great need and asked for help/answers/etc, only to find they weren’t there/were silent/turned away/were not gods/etc.’

They will never bring back the Flood. They want the game to be accessible to a “broader audience”. And having the Flood would constitute an age rating increase. Hence why the game had a severe lack of blood…


I thought that he was talking about how the Guardians destroyed Doisac


It is referring to that since Doisac was destroyed by them. But it’s odd to use the visual imagery of a Flood. The planet was destroyed so you would expect fire and earthquakes or something like that. Plus referring to the stars going out and him saying he’s not sure if it’s a reminder or a warning. It’s a vision. So it could be be foreshadowing something else different to the Guardians.

Also, the Harbinger does seem to have some form of mind control (maybe even Logic Plague) abilities. It could be Escharum is being subtly indoctrinated by the Harbinger. Visions of his home being destroyed would spur him on to get the power of the Halo which is what she wants.

Yup, 343 cares so little about the Flood that they created a book trilogy showing the Flood at their height, made them DLC for Spartan Ops and Halo Wars 2, and added human containment measures to the Spartan Field Manual.

I mean, that’s nothing!