Is Da Best Spartan Company is Recruiting!

What’s up guys? BLK WOLF 14 here, leader of da best company in the world. Is Da Best so if you are looking for a company come check us out! Here are some sweet facts about us. Started as a company before Achilles was ever a thing, so our main goal as a company is not an helmet. But, in saying it is not our main goal, it is a large goal of ours. We have 14/31 commendations completed for the helmet and would love some help! We cater to all players arena, warzone, casual, and competitive. As for almost a year now we have been able to run a casual company with a competitive twist! Our main goal as a company is to be a great community in which people who love halo can have a place to play, get better, laugh, and most of all have fun. Our bio and what we have stood for has never changed (other that the obvious things, but not the message there). So I’ll leave it here for guys. Hope y’all check us out quick only 3 spots left!

Welcome to the company “Is Da Best”. We are all about the fun, and we would like for people to join us in this loads of fun we have! We constantly joke around and win games. My philosophy is if you are having fun, being the best company will flow from this massive amount of fun. There is no regulations for this company other than I do expect you to add me as a friend on Xbox Live, but there is no tag, and no clan emblem. I believe in letting you guys express yourself within in the clan and not having to all look the same like some internet Nazis (or any politically correct term you like). So the only expectations for this company is to have fun, and if you have not done so already add me as a friend on Xbox Live. BLK WOLF 14
Once again welcome to the company, enjoy yourself.

  • If you’re looking for people to play with add BLK WOLF 14 and the lieutenants. Usually at least one of us is on.
    Thursday- Arena Custom Game Night
    Friday- Original Custom Game Night
    Saturday- Warzone Game Night
    Sunday- Arena Game Night
    *Weekends: Clan Battles
    El Dicktator- BLK WOLF 14
    Second in Command- WorriedCheese
    Captains: PaunchyBird4709, xAssassianBlueXx
    Officers-Tooneyo14, NotNOWImBusy18, Make Your Fate, COBB1337, OrtacoKid
    Officially Obtained the Achilles Armor on 4/7/16
    Helmet- TBD
    8-1 in clan battles!!! Looking to add more to that win tally.
    I have my competitive dream team it is a pretty small group. Show hard work and dedication to the clan and its purpose, and I will reward you. Of course if you have the skills.