"Is Da Best" clan is Recurting

I am the Leader of the Spartan company “Is Da Best” if you are looking for a clan I will be more then happy to give you an opportunity to roll with us. Below I will show the company’s bio. If you are interested message me BLK WOLF 14.

Welcome to the company “Is Da Best”. We are all about the fun, and that is why you should add BLK WOLF 14 and the lieutenants so you can join in on our fun. We constantly joke around and win games. My philosophy is if you are having fun, being the best company will flow from this massive amount of fun. There is no regulations for this company other than I do expect you to add me as a friend on Xbox Live, but there is no tag, and no clan emblem. I believe in letting you guys express yourself within in the clan and not having to all look the same like internet Nazis. So the only expectations for this company is to have fun, and if you have not done so already add me as a friend on Xbox Live. BLK WOLF 14
Once again welcome to the company, enjoy yourself.
Undisputed Leader- BLK WOLF 14
Lieutenants- Respect my officers, and they will respect you.

  • If you’re looking for people to play with add BLK WOLF 14 and the lieutenants. Usually at least one of us is on.
    *Friday nights: Custom Game nights.
    *Weekends: Usually Reserved for clan battles.

can i join your clan?