Is cross-core customization going to be in season 2?

cmon 343, the bots can do it, modders have shown that it works, whats stopping them from adding this or at least addressing our customization concerns.

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Hope so, but chances are it will remain the same

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yeah im on copious amounts of hopium rn

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The backend currently has the attachments as sub-elements of the cores. This would likely need to change for this to work cross core. Given that coatings don’t just change color but sometimes also texturing itself, this would likely require additional textures for all cores.

They would also need to implement a system that is able to check if they are actually compatible (some attachments would intersect with each other or hover completely in the air on some cores). Mk V and Mk VII are rather similar though, so it might work there. The Yoroi core might be a different story.

I’d be happy to see it, but it’s unfortunately not as easy as some videos make it seem.