Is Crimson DLC still free?

If so, I can use this knowledge to lure my friends away from their precious BO2 for the evening. Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha…

Temporary MS screw up.
it got fixed about half hourish after.

Looks like its still going just keep checking

3 people I know right now are currently downloading it for
free atm so yea.

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Damn, either MS or 343i have lost a whole bunch of money to this exploit; but on the flipside made a lot of people (including me) a happy camper. Must be pretty harsh losing the first day of potential sales.

I’m downloading it right now I don’t have map pass and I didn’t pay for it 528.48 mb download I don’t know if I can actually play the maps still downloading but hey im not going to complain if it is free

i think i missed out. Barnicles…

Lol. It was free?

My brother is downloading it right now for free (around 40 minutes ago is when i think he started the download). How long was it for free?

It seems to be random. Some people I know are downloading it right now, others can’t get it to download.

its still free.

Need to check through Halo 4, not dashboard.

yeah… think it didnt become free for me. -Yoink!-.

Yes it was free for me it’s ok at best the maps in my opinion

Yea, as of 10:50 eastern time its still free, but only if you buy through the halo 4 marketplace.