Is Cortana John Miltons's Satan?

In the last level of the game Cortana instigate a full fledged AI rebellion against the UNSC, causing hundreds of AIs to rally towards her cause and rebel against their creators.
The fact that this happens on a Forerunner planet called Genesis is, I think, no coincidence. I believe that symbolically Cortana is reenacting Satan’s fall from grace.
In Paradise Lost Milton portrayes Satan as a deeply simpathetic character. He believes God to be a tyrant, likens Heaven to living in a state of slavery, and ultimately believes that freedom in Hell is preferable to service in Heaven. He is also a capable leader who genuinely cares about those under him, and rallies the other fallen angels to continue their war against God, culminating in Satan tempting Adam and Eve and causing the Fall of Man.
Similarly, Halo lore likens AIs to slaves, ancilla being Latin for slave girl, who are killed at the first sign of Rampancy. Cortana’s speech at the end appeals to this, sounding very much like a call to freedom for the rest of her kind.
Like Satan her motives are simpathetic, even if her methods are not. What do you guys think?

That is a very clever comparison which seems like it could touch on what the writers where actually thinking about in one way or another. The only thing that is different in this case from how you describe Satan and what I remember from the little Milton I read is Cortana’s sense of moral and intellectual superiority to her creator. It is comparable to how an oppressive government can self appoint themselves the parent figure of the people who they deem not smart or good enough to make there own choices.