Is community customization a good suggestion?

Would anyone like the ability to create emblems,armor or skins if 343 would ask what we wanted in the game? I would love the chance to give my ideas and suggestions

I see no reason to not have a vote on new emblems before or after Infinite ships.

As for your suggestions, I’m curious as to what you were thinking. Is it an in-depth emblem generator, where we would make overlays of multiple emblems of varying shapes, sizes and colors? Or more of a new group of pre-set emblems?

I wouldn’t mind if we could submit custom emblems as part of a community project, and have 343i choose some to exist alongside the current and possibly returning emblems. As for custom emblems as a whole, I could do without seeing the vulgar nonsense people throw together like when using the emblem creators on Battlefield and Call of Duty, so I’m leaning towards no on that one.

I was thinking that the community creates emblems for the game after it ships along with armors and skins if they choose to have skins for guns this time or allow us to create our own skins for the guns in game

They would be better off if they gave us some control over our own emblems. Like Cod

There’s nothing wrong with your suggestion, but, I would like to customise my own emblems, weapon skins and armour. They could choose from community created content, but someone always gets left out.

Or, they could allow community created exclusives that could be sold as cosmetic extras.