Is Castor HW's Jiralhanae Army Commander?-Spoiler

After finishing the book this one of the first things that came to my mind: Castor served during the war and he was an Army Commander, HW’s Army Commander was described as “smarter” than the rest, and also that he did respected humans to the point he wouldn’t see as dishonorable dying against them. Now Castor is a competent military leader, he despises UNSC but he doesn’t underestimate humans either, he even is willing to work with some of them, I know his hair is silver rather than white but that’s a minor difference. So question is: Are Castor and the unnamed Jiralhanae Army Commander the same subject or the Commander still remains unnamed?

What unnamed Jiralhane Army Commander are we talking about?

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> What unnamed Jiralhane Army Commander are we talking about?

The one who appears as a leader unit on Halo Wars: White hair, red armor and a special hammer

Many are waiting for more confirmation, but it’s a possibility. Good theory OP.

Another thing worth noting is Castor’s access to MJOLNIR system information as well as the injuries he gained from Gao. I do not remember if they were fully repaired or if the ‘miracle’ only prevented him from dying but the HW2 Chieftain had some peculiar armor. His right hand was completely mechanical and his entire body was covered in thick-plated armor. That could explain how he smacked the SPARTANs around so badly that they had to retreat.