Is Bumper Jumper really better?

I’ve been trying out bumper jumper for the last few days, but 20 years of muscle memory is hard to reprogram!
I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve gone to melee someone only to zoom in to their face.

Played on recon for all my Halo. Bumper jumper is great. It would’ve been the other scheme I tried if I was on a regular controller still. Paddles ftw

Was bumper jumper for years, then switched to hell jumper a couple of years ago. I prefer it but it’s perhaps not as advantageous in infinite because of the aim and movement whilst jumping. Still good for skill jumps though

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I tired BJ in Halo3 but went back to the default for all of H4 and H5. Infinite almost requires BJ because of the “enhanced” mobility mechanics, all of infinite maps require far too much jump and clamber stuff to move around, so being able to aim while doing these things is very helpful. Being able to aim while jump strafing in CQB encounters is also helpful.
The only significant downside is that equipment, specifically the grapple is harder to use well.

Now if you have one of those over priced controllers with extra button it is a moot point.

In addition to useing BJ, the custom mapping is nice and I can unf…fix X,B,A,LS (reload, equip, crouch, sprint)to suit me better

I live and breath bumper jumpers since halo 3 so there’s no real going back


Jumping isn’t very good right now in Infinite for most game modes, because you lose aim assist when jumping, so I’m not sure the switch is worth it anymore.

It was hard when I transitioned too, jump had been A for me for 10+ years of gaming.

Now bumper jumper is my muscle memory and it’s much better. I change A and LB on almost all games now.

I always felt Bumper Jumper ruined Halo when it was first introduced in Halo 3 with the new controllers that offered the buttons. It changed most encounters and not for the better. However, I guess it is what it is.

I think now, there are so many different functions you need to perform. And, also zooming with the right stick is not the smoothest way to zoom. So if you switch zoom to Left Trigger or Left Bumper, then you can’t put jump there. Additionally, the Left Trigger may start causing accidental Grenade Throwing so maybe it should be on Left Bumper. And, does Melee stay on B or goes to RB, cause now you have Equipment that requires aiming.

So if you have that line of thinking, then you put Zoom on LT, Crouch on RS, Grenades on LB, Equipment on RB, and Jump back on A, with Melee on B. Then, map paddle buttons for A and B. This allows for fluent Jump, Melee, and Equipment use.

lol, I think I liked the older controls in HCE and Halo 2. So much less complicated!

Yes, being able to aim while jumping is very important in Halo and allows combat to be more arena-like on controller. Bumper jumper should be the default.

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It comes down to preference. I started using bumper jumper back in Halo 3 and I find aiming while jumping and/or meleeing to be much easier. I can’t see myself going back to the default layout.

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Yeah you have to play claw to get the same advantage on default and that’s not exactly a good position for anyones hand to constantly be in.

I’d say Bumper Jumper provides a genuine advantage over Default players.

Been using it since it was an option. 0 regrets mostly. The main thing that did bother me was when we got scope on LT. Then I felt like I needed to change my layout bad but…I just changed how I played. I just couldn’t figure out a good way to do that. It was something in h5 I dealt with. I use a elite controller, but honestly can only handle 1 paddle. Anymore just screws me up.

Been playing bumper jumper since H3. It is the GOAT layout.

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you have to add the paddles in one at a time! just adding the paddles made me press them at random times!

I have paddles for B, Y, X and crouch (i cant hold left stick in and walk around or jump crouch like i need to) and now i hardly make any wrong paddle presses.

I would say it took about a week to get used to each paddle, keep at it!

Nah im almost 40 bro. Can’t teach this old dog anymore new tricks =[ I’ve been with 1 paddle for 6 or 7 years

im 38! i started playing h5 about 8 months ago and recently moved to HI.

You can do it!

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I got so frustrated with my old habits creeping in last night that I switched back to default between attrition rounds. You could probably guess how that next round worked out where I basically couldn’t do anything right. So now I’m stuck in some weird place where I just suck (worse). I’ll press on with bumper jumper, one day I’ll figure or how to melee and use equipment properly.

Oh 100%. Play Bumper Jumper.

I played default from CE-H4, then I took a 3 year hiatus from Halo. When I came back I switched to Bumper Jumper.

Bumper Jumper is ideal, as it is a universal control scheme that translates very well between games.

You can do it man! I believe in you. I made the switch to the Elite Series 2 a few weeks ago. If you check my HaloTracker stats you can see the exact moment I made the switch. My CSR immediately plummeted as I struggled to get used to the paddles. Went from D2 back to P6 in a matter of days. Now finally used to the paddles and making my rebound.

The best advice I can give you is like @jakespleen said, add in one paddle at a time, and most importantly, use Training Mode to practice against bots! Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to transition against human opponents, because they will obliterate you as you accidentally nade yourself while trying to jump :sweat_smile: after a few days (~1 hour per day of practicing against bots, I was making far less mistakes in my paddle presses.