Is bullet magnetism/aim assist broken?

People keep saying Infinite feels better on Mouse and keyboard, but I just don’t see it. I may move faster and press faster, but I don’t aim better. I have aim assist on the controller to help but people show me bullet magnetism but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Can someone explain to me? My reticle just isn’t able to follow an enemy like I do with a controller.

It’s the servers I’m pretty sure they had open window times to stress the servers. Simone here on the forums said they played a offline custom game and the aim felt 10x better than online…. So apparently it’s been in the game this whole time but the servers are giving us all a frustrating time… which is what I experienced this whole weekend…

I read someone say that setting you’re look deadzones to 0 fixes aim assist and makes it work better, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. If memory serves this person wrote well enough to make them come off as more credible about it? Dunno yet.