Is BTB working for you guys?

I went on an hour after the update and I do get into games faster with both teams being full. This was 3 consistent games when normally 1/3 has half the team missing. So I am so far assuming its working.

Another thing I noticed is that 2/3 games I played, I got scorpions spawning 9 minutes left into the match. And to be honest I hope that was a change that was implemented today as well and wasn’t just luck. Finally getting better vehicles that arent at the last 30 seconds of a match?

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Only played a few games as had some paperwork to do, but looking like it’s working fine :slight_smile:

Vehicle spawns are part of the update:

  • Scorpion Tanks and Wraiths will appear more frequently on BTB maps.


Played few matches on my end and so far so good. Hopefully they should be able to increase the points required from 100 to 150 so the game last a bit longer

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This is good to hear =]
Can’t test it myself because I’m still at work… D=

Yooo tank and wraiths are spawning every one minute bro

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All aboard the pain train. Whoo Whoo!

Played 3 matches without issue as well. Heavies are not quite spawning every minute but you see them quite frequently.

Yeah it was working for me