Is anyone up for helping me get my BR better?

Hello all, I’ve been playing Halo since CE. I didn’t like Reach when it came out, and still don’t like it. My beef is someone with less skill than me can kill me. Anyway, I want to get better at H3, in terms of shooting. I 5 shot successfully 40% of the time. I’d like to make that 100% if possible, and be on my way to 4 shooting soon after. I would like to do this in-game as I am a visual learner. I play on sensitivity 4 too.

For example, I’m in cloak room on The Pit, the very middle of it, and my radar shows someone running towards me, coming down to run into or past the green hall. Let’s say the person is at the BR spawn before the fusion coils there, I’ll then jump out and start shooting. First shot misses and if this person strafes or jumps then I’m out of whack. What throws me off is someone jumping or strafing. I’d really like to just get better with the BR since this is the only Halo game I"ll be playing before H4 comes out.

If anyone would so kindly be willing to help me here, I would truly, truly appreciate it <3.


grenade-BR all the pros do it… apparently…
Or you could try and aim for 3 body shots then aim for the head to increase the chance of the first 3 hitting. After you get the hang of it you can aim fully for the head.
just an idea

If you want just straight up BR improvement grab a friend and go to Foundry. Build a small square room with forge blocks. In customs make the setting infinite ammo and sheilds set to vaporism of Leech 25% or someting around there. Make sure the amount of kills to win the game is an insane amount too since it’s a 1v1 in a small room.

Now you have a BR practice room where you can work on core strafing and aiming with the BR. Since shields are set to Leech you not only have to hit your opponent but make him miss (with strafing) to even kill him. Everytime he shoots you his shields will regain a bit and vice versa. So yes, it’s very demanding and endurance style gametype but I know it improved my BR significantly ever since I did that with a frieind for just under a week if that. It won’t make you amazing since so many other factors like being tatically smart on any map you are playing on, all the other enemies, and stuff are contributing factors as well. However those close encounters in games where you need to out BR a guy with precision in split seconds it can greatly help you win more of your battles.