Is anyone still playing GTA V?

GTA V is one of my absolute favorite games of all-time.

When you have a group of four working together on heists and everything that goes into those…there is not much out there that is as fun and rewarding.

Granted if you don’t have a solid group GTA V can become one of the most frustrating games ever created, because the matchmaking is set up to where one person quits the entire game is over.

With that said I’ve spent a dozen game days in that game on the Xbox One, and have had the itch to go back and play some more.

I haven’t played it since earlier this year when the last set of achievements came out for it bringing it up to 1500, but honestly I am feeling the bug again.

Is there anyone out there that can say if the newer content that has come out is good?

Has everyone just given up on GTA V?

Might find better luck on the Rock Star social club (or whatever they call their forums).

I had around 70 days of gameplay on my online character. Haven’t played it in like two months now. I was actually one of those ‘hardcore’ players that used to snipe and rage if you killed yourself midfight.

I still play from time to time.