is anyone recruiting for machinimas

I’ve been going round site after site just trying to find out if anyone is recruiting for machinimas i’ve wanted to be involved with machinimas for a long time now especially for a halo game but ever no one is doing one or there saying that they will only have people who live in the US yes i understand that living in the UKmight be a proble but still its not that bad plus if you are recruiting and you see ths and are interested my gamer tag is IAMDEADPOOL98 and i have alot of DLC for halo reach well limited edition elite and the game of the year edition halo 4 i also have a standered 360 mic and turtle beach headphones i am 18 as well so you don’t need to worry about a 10 year old messing everything up or have a squicky voice so if anyones looking for people then hear i am.