Is anyone elses Battle Rifle not shooting and Pausing during fights?

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So is there any confirmation that they actually mess with though the trigger pull of these guns? I’m still having trouble with it and just experienced it with the heat wave causing us to lose the match at the very end. Still having issues with the BR as well.


FYI: The “jamming” that’s happening to semi-automatic weapons (most noticeably the BR) is not an intended mechanic. It’s a bug that was introduced when addressing a rapid-fire exploit. We’re working on a fix now.

Same here, playing a Halo XSX and getting a pause between bursts 2 and 3.

Is there any kind of update? I was still having the issue yesterday and dont really want to get back on and deal with the frustration is there hasnt at least been some kind of mitigation…


As soon as we have it addressed internally, we’re prioritizing shipping an update for it. Sandbox, Competitive Insights (Pro Team), and Test have been hammering on it since the first reports and are making good progress. Once we have more details, we’ll be sure to share them!

Having this exact same issue. I thought it was my controller or my graphics card or the settings… Seems like it happens every game and it’s right around the third shot. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING. Almost makes me want to quit playing the whole game.

So sounds like the update will be coming tomorrow… Anyone else scared? Hoping they fix it, but I just found a couple Halo Infinite replacement games that have been keeping me busy and still enjoying my xbox.