Is anyone elses Battle Rifle not shooting and Pausing during fights?

Title says it all. Now we have Trigger Deadzones and my BR doesnt wanna shoot consistently. I have 4 clips already… what is going on?


I am having the exact same problem. Usually it seems like on the third burst I’ll pull the trigger and it does not fire. Then I pulled the trigger again panicking then it shoots then I shoot the fourth burst.


Yes it happens frequently in the BR shooting range training mode. Two shots then a pause

Yeah, had this happen to me in Rumble Pit when I picked up an opponent’s BR. Seems like they broke more than they fixed with this update.

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Yep, getting this too. They broke the Br :joy:

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Not sure how this wouldn’t have been caught in testing.

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100% same issue. Happes WAY too often for a game where your main starting weapon is broken.

I assume its these new uneeded crappy trigger deadzones.

Thanks 343 for always continuing to screw something up.

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And to clarify messing with the trigger deadzones does nothing to fix the problem

Oh dang. I thought it was just me. Thanks for making this post! It happens to me aswell.

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Same here. Since Season 2 it happens in every ranked match. Absolute annoying.

Unpopular take.

I was having the same problem too. After some tinkering, I determined that they simply decreased the margin of error you get between trigger pulls. Fire too quickly before the next shot, and it won’t register.

It takes better timing and I like it because it makes this power weapon just a little bit more difficult to master.

My friend and I have series 2 elites and had our deadzones already adjusted… then they do this without any mention. Horrible they really dont play their own game.

Yup - exact same problem. Season 2 has broken the BR

You shouldn’t have to pay attention to how much you’re letting go of the trigger button in-between bursts. This is 100% broken.

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I noticed this when I had to play ranked for a challange. It also seemed the BR is weaker as my headshots weren’t connecting but still hitting my opponent. Like I need 6-7 bursts instead of 4-5 I used to get. Also playing MCC with actual melee lunge, magnetism for those headshots, headshot multiplier, etc… that Infinite doesn’t or barely have screws with me.

Halo 3’s gunplay with sprint, clamber, and slide would’ve been perfect, then classic H3 gunplay for ranked on remade H3 maps. I ask for too much when we get too little I know.

Same here. wtf… fix this plz. So weird.

Same here, also with the heatwave, but Im not quite sure if they intentionally nerfed the RPM for the thing or its just a bug either way. this is just gonna drive people away from the game

I was gonna say… i have not had this issue at all and ive been using br in LSS and ranked

Samre here, today also heatwave didnt fire as i pulled the trigger

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Can’t say I have, ofc I haven’t used the BR much since the update.