Is anyone else much worse at this game than previous ones?

On all the other games, from H3 to H5 and MCC, I usually float around a 1.40 to 1.70 k/d, depending on the game. For some reason I just cant quite get it in Infinite. Once you remove the Bot playlist stats from my profile, Im at a 0.96 k/d overall, and a 0.48 in Ranked (only the 10 placement games). Ive already dialed in my settings to a usable setup and all that. Anyone else experience a dropoff in performance?

I blame ping, netcode, and hit registration bs. Some matches I easily dominate. Other matches I am lucky to pop shields with a full mag, watching people survive even rockets and hammers, because they’re not actually where the server says they’re standing for my client. Meanwhile you’ll get one shot, one punched from the front, or shot behind walls. It’s this server quality inconsistency that really determines your matches. It becomes more luck than skill.


I feel like I am doing much better now that I have found my preferred settings and I have put a good amount of practice into the game.
That said, server issues/desync/skill-based-matchmaking may be contributing to difficulties in your performance?

Oh thank god I’m not the only one.

I don’t think I have your K/D ratios though in the previous Halos but I noticed that somehow my BR skills are trash (apparently) when it comes to Ranked. SWAT not so much, still rocking it there but Ranked I’m just a garbage-pile.

I kept analyzing videos in theatre mode to figure out what I’m missing and it turns out - I couldn’t find anything…

I manage to get the enemies no-shield very often but somehow the final shot to be a headshot just doesn’t count for whatever reason, even if the reticle is beautifully centered on the head.

Yet there was this one moment when I was in a 100ms latency match, the reticle was just barely touching the enemies head and it counted as a headshot. Very odd stuff with the netcode I’d imagine?

EDIT: I should also mention that I’m almost always matched with Onyx players and hence their MMR/CSR rating is at least 400 above me (sometimes up to 900 above me) which certainly doesn’t help.

I’m actually far better and reaching ranked levels I never would have dreamed possible (for myself) in earlier titles. Though I believe that has more to do with the fact that the last time I played a ‘Halo’ game was ‘Halo 3’ around ‘2007-2008.’ Since that time, I’ve matured mentally by a large extent. My reflexes, ‘team player’ attitude, and ‘battlefield awareness’ have also improved considerably over time as an avid gamer. I also don’t tilt as much as I used to.

tl;dr - Older me would pwn younger me in a 1v1 match.

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Nah man. It’s just you lol

The aiming is atrocious in this game.I went back to MCC and it felt so much better. I didn’t have to struggle to get even straightforward kills. Infinite feels nearly unplayable without a m/kb unless you’re using a BR which has a ton of autoaim. They give you more options than ever for how the game feels but it’s still bad.

I’ve never been fantastic at Halo multi, but I was pretty bad at multiplayer at first. I think it takes some getting used to for a few weeks before you get into your groove with Infinite.

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It’s the same. Sometimes I’m 20 and 5 and sometimes I’m 6 10.same old halo

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I was having the worst time, ready to friggin quit… then I put my tv on “game” mode… duh lol. All the practice with a late swipe made me get better

It’s a combination of the netcode desync and controls. It definitely has the worst aiming in the serious.

Im actually better at this game until I come across a pc player that strafes left and right as fast as he can and every shot I fire misses and he just snap shots me in the head. As there is no auto aim for console players we are just screwed.

If SBMM is doing it’s job, then your K/D being around 1.0 is to be expected. The game tries to match you with players of similar skill (in all playlists). That means that you’re roughly going to be dying as often as you make kills. If you die more it’s likely you will be put up against weaker players in the next match and the other way round.

So K/D is unlikely to be a good metric for comparison in this regard.

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Hard to judge, K/D wise it seems more or less consistent – although while I usually manage 1.3-4 in Halo, my overall for Infinite is somewhere around 1.2-2.5. I’m not sure how substantial this is given that all the playlists are SBMM governed. I would say I have poured a lot of time and work getting better at Infinite trying to climb competitive. I would say at this point I am quite attuned to much of the sandbox. Still in the midst of learning how to effectively use equipment the best, but it’s just another skill curve. Overall, I feel like I’m playing at my prime.