Is Anyone Else Hoping For Halo Reach: ODST?

I love Halo 3: ODST because it is different from all the others. No radar and an open world. I’ve been hoping for sequel for a very long time, but it turns out a prequel might be more possible. In Halo 5 on the mission Evacuation, Buck says that this mission was “like New Alexandria all over again.” New Alexandria was a city that fell during the invasion of Reach. Buck also says that they went there, scratched a life out of the dirt and for what, giving us some minor plot details. What do you think, are you super excited, not sure, or doubting me completely?

I think that was a throwback to the mission New Alexandria in Reach where you can help Buck get his pelican from one location to another.

I have been since Halo Reach released.

I’d love to play as Buck, running around the hopeless city.

But a Halo ‘Reach’: ODST would have to use Halo Reach gameplay, would it not? I mean you couldn’t have an ODST Buck doing everything a H5 Spartan IV does. It would need the slower gameplay, though I guess it could keep sprint and clamber.

Maybe this would be a great chance to test the different gameplay of each game;

2017: Halo 5: Blue Team/Arena (Has Halo 2/3 gameplay and you could remake Halo 2/3 maps for MP)
2018: Halo Reach: ODST (Has Halo Reach gameplay and you could remake Reach maps for MP)
2019: Halo 6: Guardians 2 (Has H5G gameplay and you can focus more on Warzone)

This is the first time I see anything related about that. Thinking about that mission reminds me though. I personally didn’t enjoy ODST that much, I just don’t know why. I wouldn’t mind another Halo game focussed on campaign only though.

This is probably nothing more than an Easter egg or reference. If you replay the mission New Alexandria on Halo Reach. All of the mission objectives are random, if you’re lucky; one of the objectives is to actually escort Buck. While doing so, you just fly around guarding his falcon escorting his old team to their destination. A track from Halo 3: ODST plays I believe.

While I do love the idea of another ODST game, I doubt it. Bucks mission was already kind of outlined here and it WOULD make for a good game with the loss of his old squad I believe. But in my honest opinion I just wouldn’t want to re-visit Reach for the billionth time.

And to add, I wish 343 took a similar route in storytelling in Halo 5: Guardians that Bungle took when making ODST. ODST was also one of my all time favorites and it’s nice to see others still giving it love.

Edit: Buck also references the same event in ODST on the last mission Coastal Highway. And I believe in the standalone novel Halo: New Blood he references fighting alongside the Master Chief. He has spent a lot of time on Reach and I wouldn’t mind a game OR a feature length movie with Nathen Fillion to be honest… But they’ve been doing this for years so I doubt they’re hinting at anything.

I mean that would be an ok idea, but as people say I think that the Easter Egg is referencing the appearance of Buck in the New Alexandria mission in Halo: Reach.

What I want is spin offs from the main plot in general. Plot wise, Reach and ODST are two of the best Halo games because they go a long way to fleshing out the setting. I’m not sure that we absolutely need to go back to Reach though, we’ve actually seen a lot of it and we know what happens and there are so many other stories to explore.

That time period is over. It’s nice to think about, but it’s the past. Halo will continue to move forward with new things. I just hope they finally put an end to this Forerunner stuff. Fighting the Covenant and the Flood was so much better.